About Us


We traveled to different shows, beauty shops, fairs and swap meets with one small card table full of merchandise and a dream. Setting up every weekend, wherever people were, we put our sales team of 2 in motion.




Outgrowing our garage, where we kept all our stock, we decided to open a storefront in Tyler, Texas, so we could sell between shows. Our official storefront opened in Time Square Shopping Center.

From the day the doors opened, Dressin Gaudy became an immediate success, being one of the first and only boutiques in our small town of 90,000, ladies flocked to see what “The Gaudy” had in store.



We still booked shows and traveled almost every weekend, traveling to Canton, Mississippi, all over Louisiana, and of course, First Monday in Canton, Texas, which is today the largest open market in the U.S. We were Canton, Texas’ first boutique, which now is home to well over 1,000 open market women’s boutiques.



 Now you know why we call ourselves, “the original boutique”.



Outgrowing our original location of 1200 sqft, we secured a prime location a couple of blocks away in Foleys Plaza. The location is directly across the street from the mall and highly visible. We increased our store size to over 4,000 sqft and quadrupled our sales overnight!

We took our time, settled in to our new growth and focused on raising our children and doing the business we love, which is customer care!

We wanted to get to know each of our guests, find out where they were from, what their needs were and how we could help.

Realizing that our business is a people business and focusing on training our staff of 9 employees was exciting, time consuming and a big challenge, but it was our passion. Trying to multiply ourselves through our team was, and is still our goal. Creating the customer service experience, motivating staff to see our vision, building relationships with our guests and offering the best price value ratio possible is a juggling act, but well worth the time it takes to achieve.

We began to design our own missy jackets, skirts and accessories. As this took off, we were approached by multiple smaller boutiques’ that were interested in buying wholesale from us. We decided to open a second location in Plano, Texas.




We opened our second location on the North Dallas Tollway in Plano, Texas across from the Shops at Willowbend in Polo Towne Crossing. This location was over 4500 sqft and open for wholesale and retail, now we’re on a roll! Located at then the #1 zip code in the US, we had positioned ourselves for success!

Traveling 6 hours a day, back and forth and missing my family, I decided it would be best to close this location and focus on what I do best, which is being a family man and dad. It was time to regroup, strategize, and figure out how to deliver “The Gaudy” to more people while keeping the balance of life in sync. We made the decision to close this store in 2006.



With our kids ready to go to college, and many years to dream about growing, working and refining how to multiply ourselves and our business, we were ready to go to the next level. We opened our second concept store geared to a junior/young contemporary market and named it “Gaudy Me”.

We now had 2 locations in one shopping center.



Opened another “Gaudy Me” in Longview, Texas and expanded in 2011 to over 7000 sqft.



Opened a “Dressin Gaudy” in Texarkana, Texas.

Opened a distribution center/social media hub and future web store location in Flint, Texas where our corporate offices, accounting and distribution team reside.



First Gaudy Grab Warehouse Sale



Mistletoe & Magic Show




We employ over 70 part and fulltime team members, operate 6 locations, still small enough to feel like family but large enough to insure your best buying experience!



We are looking at multiple locations for future growth; hope to be in a town near you soon!



Opened a Dressin Gaudy location in Longview, Texas.



Opened a Dressin Gaudy location in Rockwall, Texas.


We thank God for broomstick skirts, big dreams, and an amazing staff that is empowering us to chase our vision! We strive to magnify God in all we do, it is our top priority! Thank you for stopping by our web store, please look around, it is our privilege to help you, "make every outfit GAUDY"!

- Tim Perkins, Founder/CEO